Who's Visiting?

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Website: http://casemed.case.edu/admissions/

Do you accept non-citizen applicants?

You must have fulfilled these prerequisites at an accredited, four year, degree-granting American or Canadian college or university.

If these pre-requisites were not fulfilled at an accredited, four-year, degree-granting American or Canadian college or university, you should be prepared to take at least 1 year of challenging, upper level sciences at one of these institutions prior to application.

How many non-citizens were offered admission?
There are students from 4 foreign countries at CWRU at this point.

Financial Aid
International students enrolled in the University Program are NOT eligible for Federal student loans or need based grants and loans from Case School of Medicine.
International students ARE eligible for our merit based aid IF they meet the requirements set by the admissions committee and are invited to apply.

More financial aid info: http://casemed.case.edu/financial_aid/general/international.cfm


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