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Weill Cornell Medical College

Only for the mega rich!

Website: http://www.med.cornell.edu/education/admissions/

Do you consider foreign students or graduates from a foreign university?
We welcome applications to the first year class from international students. There are, however, two separate issues that international students need to consider:
  • Cost: Financial aid is offered only to those applicants who are US citizens or permanent residents of the US. Persons who are not US citizens or permanent residents must either pay for four years of tuition in advance, or deposit this sum in an escrow account (approximately US$178,600 in 2009). Canadian citizens are exempted from this requirement.

  • Prior educational experience: We strongly encourage you to complete a minimum of one year of full time course work at an American college and to take courses in chemistry (organic and general), physics, biology and/or English before applying to medical school. If you have not completed the equivalent of a US bachelor's degree abroad, you should work towards doing so in the U.S. This gives you and us a perspective on how well you could do at an American Medical College, and thus a basis of comparison with other applicants. We suggest this even if you have completed all or part of a medical school curriculum abroad and even if you have obtained your permanent resident status.
They currently list 2 international students in their incoming class of 2010.


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