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Do you consider international students?
The School of Medicine values the enrichment that comes from having talented international students participate in the medical doctor program.

Financial Aid
  1. Grant-The School of Medicine will make available funding for a need-based grant program in 2011-2012. Please understand that limited grant funding is awarded based on the number of aid applicants to include newly admitted students.
  2. Loans- The School of Medicine will offer institutional loan. The loan will be an unsubsidized 7% loan that has an automatic three-year repayment deferral for residency purposes.
  3. Parental or sponsor support- based on need analysis, parents and/or sponsors may be expected to contribute to the student’s cost of education. The parental financial analysis will demonstrate the ability to contribute not necessarily the willingness to contribute which is the same criterion used for U. S. students. Please submit in English the local equivalent of a U. S. tax return from the applicant’s home country. If this does not exist, you should submit a statement from the employer confirming all income. International students can then choose to borrow from outside sources to cover this expected contribution,
More details here: http://medschool.duke.edu/modules/som_aid/index.php?id=3

PS: When I was applying, Duke wanted me to put in 4 years of tuition fees into an escrow account, so this is quite a change!


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